Industrial Painting in Dallas, TX

Add Protective Paint and Coatings to Your Industrial Equipment

Add Protective Paint and Coatings to Your Industrial Equipment

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Abraham Painting Company has many years of expertise in the selection and application of industrial, hi-tech and marine protective coatings, and experience in the surface prep required for the many and varied substrates.

From steel manufacturing plants, and high temperature stacks, to product finishing and equipment maintenance, we have 20+ years of experience to handle any of your industrial projects. Starting with choosing the right method of cleaning the surfaces, whether it be with chemicals or an abrasive method, or a high temp pressure washing method, or a combination, with the right coating, you can maintain the integrity of your pipes, equipment and more.Call 214-682-1538 now for a free estimate on industrial painting services.

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From color coding pipes to painting them with coal tar epoxy, we provide extensive services to organize and protect your industrial equipment. We handle...


  • High-temperature Coating
  • Pipes
  • Bridges
  • Steel Plant High Temperature Stacks 
  • Electrical Generators 
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Trains
  • Water Tanks
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Product Finishing
  • High Pressure Heated Cleaning
  • Dry Fall Coatings for Improved Lighting
  • Coal Tar 
  • Specialized Epoxies
  • Marine and Urethane Coating




Proper care is important for industrial spaces, so you'll need painters who are trained to handle such a highly technical job. Contact us today to hire an OSHA-trained team with over 30 years of experience.